Planning and guiding outdoor expeditions goes hand in hand with leading recreational
organizations such as community centers, gyms, athletic clubs, swim and tennis programs, and
children's centers.  All of us in the active recreation field know that our chosen professions are
unique because of:
  • High level of customer contact (Ever hear of software sales people spending the night in
    a tent with their customer?)
  • Specialized personnel needs (certifications, experience, character traits...)
  • Special areas of risk (aquatics programs, outdoors, employee safety...)
  • Volatile market (unfortunately recreation programs are the first to be dropped from an
    individual's or family's spending)

While every organization is different, it is safe to say that all of our needs can be best met with
the same solution: LEADERSHIP.  Leadership skills are not always taught in school, learned in
trades, or passed down from owners/management.  A proficient kayaker may have spent years
perfecting the skills of the sport, but may not be able teach others to do the same or lead a trip
with a group of people.

This is where South Bay Trekking Company comes in.

Our mission: To explore, educate, and sustain.
Leadership Consultation
Why Leadership Consultation
Timely, appropriate actions that guide and support your group to set and
achieve realistic goals.  Great leaders create an environment that inspires
individuals and groups to achieve their highest potential.

~Leadership defined by the National Outdoor Leadership School
What We Can Offer
The "Soft" Skills
  • Communication: The "Situational Leadership Model" (Hersey), Decision Making, Dealing
    with upset customers, group dynamics
  • Self Awareness: Strengths/Weaknesses analysis, What kind of leader are you
  • Workplace Relationships: Generational differences, working as a team, facilitating
    effective meetings, confronting staff issues
  • Customer Service: Use of body language, diversity awareness
  • Motivation: keeping the energy up and the team moving

The "Hard" Skills
  • Organizational design: structure, work flow
  • Internal Risk Assessment: Employee safety practices, emergency procedures, lowering
    work comp claims
  • External Risk Assessment: Regulatory compliance, communicating with your clients
  • Strategic Planning: Setting the vision, mission, and goals; using critical path planning
  • Personnel: performance evaluations, incentives, job descriptions

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