Sometimes carrying a loaded backpack up a steep Sierra pass is the easy part of the trip.  
Outdoor trip logistics can certainly be difficult, especially if you're the leader.

At South Bay Trekking Company, we have years of experience developing and following
formulas for successful outings.  Trips that typically have the most complex logistics are
multi-day backpacking trips with a group.  Although this is what we specialize in, feel free to
contact us on ideas for day trips, hikes, mountain biking, ocean kayaking,
snowshoe/backcountry skiing, or just general wilderness advice.

Give us a call or an e-mail and see if our trip consultation is appropriate for your group.  We
can provide a detailed quote of what we can accomplish and approximately how long it will
take.  Below are some common trip planning tasks for a multi-day backpacking trip and
approximate number of hours.

Our standard rate is $60 per hour of Trip Planning Consultation.

Our mission: To explore, educate, and sustain.
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Custom Trips

Event Calendar
Trip Planning Consultation
Trip Planning Tasks and Approximate Hours* for Multi-Day
*Custom quote will be provided for each client prior to service
Trip Planning Tasks
Approximate Hours
Approximate Cost
General Plan
  • Location Choice
  • General Route
  • General Equipment
  • Reservations/Permits
  • Transportation
    To/From Trailhead
Menu Planning
  • Meal or rations
  • Fuel requirements
  • Food Drop Offs
(5 person group/
2 night trip)
Activities and Route Details
  • Activities, side trips for
    multiple ages/abilities
  • Maps, mileage,
    elevation, and
    suggested campsites
(5 person group/
2 night trip)
Risk Management
  • Safety Plan
  • First Aid Supply List
    and Orientation
  • Emergency/Evacuation
  • Route Safety
    weather, water
    crossings, etc)
Equipment Details
  • Equipment and clothing
    specific for your group
  • List of rental and
    purchase locations
(5 people)
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